PET Strapping Benefits:


  • PET strapping is an excellent product for applications requiring high tensile strength along with speed, which is provided by automated tooling.
  • Extruded polyester strapping can become a very cost effective alternative to steel banding.
  • PET straps are environmentally stable and remain tight at varied temperatures ranging from -30deg C to +50deg C.
  • Extruded Polyester Strapping is also known as PET strapping and can provide stronger system strength and elasticity.
  • PET Strap is capable of withstanding higher tensioning and in addition, it can retain tension on rigid loads and is highly resistant to weathering and ultraviolet.
  • Extruded polyester strapping is safer to use than steel banding as it does not have sharp edges and therefore does not present such a whiplash hazard.
  • Depending on the type of steel strapping, Polyester strapping can save up to 35% savings in strapping costs and can eliminate the need for metal seals in certain applications, which provides additional savings.
  • The polyester strapping is 100% recyclable after use into Polyester Strapping once again.

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