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PET Strapping is an excellent product Extruded Polyester Strapping is also known as PET strapping and can provide stronger system strength and elasticity Alpha Polyplast is a leading company involved in manufacturing of extruded Polyester Strapping for application in various industries. Alpha has employed the best technology and state-of-the-art European equipment to produce the highest quality polyester strapping products of various widths and thickness. The Company is vertically integrated, using high quality polyester raw material from post consumer waste coming from in-house flake plant and converted into high quality polyester PET Strapping products. The Extruded PET strapping is sold to various companies in industries such as:

Paper Mills

Carton Manufacturers

Brick Manufacturers

General Manufacturers

PET Extruded Polyester Strapping Benefits


Extruded polyester strapping is an excellent product for applications requiring high tensile strength

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Extruded polyester strapping can become a very cost effective alternative to steel banding

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PET straps are environmentally stable and remain tight at varied temperatures ranging from -30deg C to +50deg C.

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PET Strap is capable of withstanding higher tensioning and in addition, it can retain tension on rigid loads and is highly resistant to weathering and ultraviolet

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